Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bacon Conversions

For the last hour I've been trying to come up with a funny anecdote about needing to convert between a bacon slice and crumbled bacon. I've no such story, but it is interesting question if not an extremely useful one. Practically Edible has computed these such conversions in a very useful table.

1 slice of Bacon = 1 tbsp crumbled, cooked Bacon
1 pound of bacon = 450g = 3 cups crumbled, cooked Bacon
1 pound of bacon = 10 -15 thick slices
26 - 24 average slices
25 - 30 thin slices

But what if you want to make your own bacon bits? How much bacon will you need? This question was answered by some brave guys at They took a bag of Oscar Mayer Real Bacon (okay so it's not bacon bits, but close) where the bag claims to contain 85g of Bacon or, according to the conversion table above, about 5-6 thin slices of bacon. The guys at set out to test this theory and came up with twelve slices of bacon for their answer.

My conclusion is that the conversion of pound of bacon to bacon slices in the table is for uncooked bacon, thus we are missing the link of number of slices in 1 pound of uncooked bacon to number of slices in l pound of cooked bacon

Let us know if you find this or other bacon conversions,

Alexa and the Bacon Boys

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