Monday, February 16, 2009

Bacon (white) Chocolate

Please make sure to take all safety precautions when cooking, and cook everything thoroughly

1 block of white cooking chocolate
1 package of bacon
Pepper and cayenne (optional)
1 apple (optional)

1. Prepare the bacon to be cooked (I used the oven since it creates less of a mess). Since I was using plain bacon I crushed up some black pepper and cayenne pepper and rubbed this mixture into the bacon. It would be interesting to try it with some other spices like rosemary or lavender

2. Cook the bacon in the oven at about 200 Celsius for around 15 - 20 min. Make sure that the bacon is crispy.

3. Drain the bacon grease, pat dry, and let cool.

4. melt the chocolate in a double boiler or if like me you don't have one do the following. Boil a pot of water, use a slightly smaller pot that you can have in the boiling water to melt the chocolate with, there are many great sites which can tell you how to melt chocolate.

5. Once the bacon has cooled off and no longer appears to have grease on it (not liquid grease anyway) either dip the bacon in the chocolate, or pour the chocolate over it.

6. Place apple slices on the chocolate (I really liked it), let cool and enjoy.

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  1. This could be very delicious. I am thinking that white coated chocolate bacon is also delicious. We can also try the chocolate covered bacon. This would be a good snack for the group of friends. Thanks for the post!