Thursday, January 24, 2008

Making Bacon

It seems only fitting that the first recipe on our blog should be that of the first bacon day dish... Bacon Slices. Now I'm sure that your interest in Bacon means that you have cooked it at least once, but we're going to give some tips for cooking bacon on Bacon day. Last year at least 20 lbs of bacon were cooked (we lost track part way through the day) and there were some things we learned the hard way about cooking this much bacon.
1. If you are throwing a Bacon Day party it is a good idea to cook the bacon outside. The amount of grease created is quiet impressive. The Bacon Boys and I have found that it is best to cook the bacon on the grill using a cast iron skillet. 

2. One of the most loved utensils this past year was the silicon oven mitt. The cast iron skillet (and thus the bacon grease) reached very high temperatures. The silicon oven mitt did not melt, insulated wonderfully, and even when some bacon grease poured over it, the hand inside stayed burn free. At some point during the day, some one left it right next to the grill and it did get extremely hot, but it never melted. This is a must have item when cooking! 

3. Grease fires are a concern, so be very careful, do not cook near anything flammable, i.e. low hanging branches and such, and keep a fire extinguisher close by. Do to the large volume of bacon being cooked, it is not a bad idea to keep some empty jars handy to pour the bacon grease into from time to time. 

4. Another useful method of cooking is the microwave. This is particularly useful for cooking the bacon only part way through for many of the bacon wrapped recipes, or when the bacon isn't coming off the grill fast enough for the hungry bacon day party goers. 

5. At the first bacon day some bacon recipes called for deep frying. This did work in the sense that the bacon was cooked and it was battered which at the time sounded like a great combination. It was concluded by most that this was just too much grease. 

6. The final method of cooking we'll briefly touch on here is baking bacon. There have been only a few recipes used on bacon day using this method. This is nice if you want to slow cook the other ingredients and not over cook the bacon. You can also bake the bacon strips on a cookie sheet lined with tin foil. 

Enjoy Bacon and let us know what you thought about these tips! 
Alexa and the Bacon Boys

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